Fall 2009–Present (ABD, est. graduation 2018)

Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, New Testament Emphasis 
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Kansas City, Missouri

  • Proposed Dissertation: “Jesus as the οἰκοδομὴν ἐκ θεοῦ, an exegesis of 2Corinthians 5:1-10”
  • Dissertation Committee: Thorvlad Madsen (PhD in New Testament, University of Aberdeen) and Radu Gheorghita (Phd in New Testament, University of Cambridge)
  • Coursework includes: Advanced Greek Grammar, Advanced Hermeneutics, Teaching Principles and Methods in Higher Education, Johannine Literature, Hebrews/General Epistles, Synoptic Gospels/Acts, Pauline Epistles, Biblical Ecclesiology 
  • Comprehensive Exams: History of NT Research and Interpretation, NT Theology, NT Textual Criticism, NT Backgrounds
  • Languages: Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, French, German

May 2017

Th.M. in Biblical Studies, emphasis in Pedagogy 
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Kansas City, Missouri

May 2008

Th.M. in Biblical Studies, emphasis in New Testament,
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Fort Worth, Texas

  • Coursework includes: The Book of Revelation, Hebrew Exegetical Method, Theology of Luke-Acts, The Pastoral Letters, Greek Directed Study (The Book of Revelation), The Theology of Jesus

Dec. 2004

M.Div. with Biblical Languages,
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Fort Worth, Texas

May 1999

B.A. in Biblical Studies, Dallas Baptist University; Dallas, Texas


Publications In View of a Call: Leadership and Martyrdom in the Midwest

Church Executive (Aug 2010): 18-20

“Baptism: Following Through with your Faith”

Southern Baptists of Texas Evangelistic Tract (2007)

Academic Presentations

“A Synthetic Outline of The Pastoral Epistles” 3/4/2013

“Continuity and Discontinuity Between Law and Gospel in Paul” 4/22/2013

Presented at Pauline Epistles Sem., MBTS, Kansas City, MO (Sp. 2013)

Review: “Friedrich Blass, Albert Debrunner, Robert W. Funk; Greek Grammar of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature”

Presented at Advanced Gk Gram. Seminar, MBTS, Kansas City, MO (Dec. 2011)

“2Peter 3: A Response” 5/2/2011

“2Peter Chapter 1” 4/25/2011

“1Peter 3: A Response” 4/18/2011

“James Chapter 5” 4/4/2011

“Hebrews 13: A Response” 3/14/2011

“Hebrews Chapter 12” 3/7/2011

“Hebrews 10: A Response” 2/28/2011

“Hebrews Chapter 6” 2/14/2011

“Hebrews 2: A Response”1/31/2011

Presented at Hebrews/Gen. Epistles Sem., MBTS, Kansas City, MO (Sp. 2011)

“Revelation Chapter 17” 12/6/2010

“Revelation Chapter 11” 11/15/2010

“Revelation Chapter 8” 11/8/2010

“Revelation Chapter 1” 10/25/2010

“John Chapter 16” 10/4/2010

“John Chapter 12” 9/20/2010

“John Chapter 6”8/30/2010

Presented at Johannine Lit. Seminar, MBTS, Kansas City, MO (Fall 2010)

“Jerusalem as Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots in Rev 17–18”

Presented at NT Colloquium, MBTS, Kansas City, MO (May 2010)

“Translation Theories”

“Status Quaestionis: Recent Trends in Apocalypse Studies”

Presented at Adv. Herm. Seminar, MBTS, Kansas City, MO (March/May 2010)

Review: “Verbal Syntax in the Greek Pentateuch: Natural Greek Usage & Hebrew Interference”

Presented at Advanced Gk Gram. Seminar, MBTS, Kansas City, MO (Dec. 2009)

Guest Lectures:

  • “7 Killers of Servant Leadership” Maryville Christian School (May 10, 2011)
  • “The Rise and Importance of the Greek Language” Maryville Christian School (Feb. 10, 2011)
  • “The Reformation & NT Translation” in Medieval History, Edwardsville H.S. (May 6, 2010)

Ministry Experience


Pleasant Heights Baptist Church; Columbia, Tennessee

Sr. Pastor


Crossroads Baptist Church; Corpus Christi, Texas

Sr. Pastor

  • Lead as the first Sr. Pastor of a new church plant in south Texas’s gulf coast


First Baptist Church Maryville; Maryville, Illinois

Adult Pastor

  • Director of Life University Adult Discipleship/Lay Training Ministry
  • Supervisor of the Adult Sunday School program; and Men’s/Woman’s Ministry
  • Missions Ministry Pastor
  • Fill pulpit when Sr. Pastor unavailable
  • Teaching/leadership training in various venues


(part-time) 2001-2004

First Baptist Church Euless; Euless, Texas

Single Adult Pastor

Education/Administration Associate

  • Multiple Church Planting trips to Tanzania, Africa
  • Ordained to Gospel Ministry (March 2, 2005)
  • Fill pulpit when Sr. Pastor unavailable


First Baptist Church Cleburne; Cleburne, Texas

Youth Minister

  • Director of Discipleship Training
  • Pulpit Supply

Summer 1998

First Baptist Church Huntsville; Huntsville, Texas

  • College and Young Singles Minister
  • Pulpit Supply


First Baptist Church Carrollton; Carrollton, Texas

  • Preached first sermon (Aug. 4, 1996)
  • Licensed to Gospel Ministry (Aug. 4, 1996)
  • Baptized (May 26, 1985)
  • Faith in Christ (May 21, 1985)

Professional Memberships

Evangelical Theological Society

Society of Biblical Literature

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