Day 30: Revelation 5 – 22

The end of the world will come one day, are you ready? Have you given your life to Jesus Christ, fully, really, with all your heart? Jesus Christ is the only one worthy to ratify the New Covenant, which he did by dying on the cross. He is the Lamb of God who paid our price, the penalty for our sins. In the end, the world who’ve rejected Jesus will face the punishment of sinfulness. With each seal broken on the scroll, God’s wrath will be poured out. Jesus has already absorbed this punishment, no one need to be affected by it, yet many will still reject the Lord. What a shame. God’s people are sealed and saved on the basis of their faith in Jesus, do you believe in him? All people, anyone, have the opportunity to be saved, if they will only reach out. God’s judgment is terrible, yet it is completely just. We have God’s word and we have the message of the church throughout the ages, trust in Jesus, he is the only way to salvation. Satan has been doing his work, trying to destroy the church and thwarting the mission of God… he won’t be successful. Satan uses the wicked rulers of the world for his own purposes, but don’t lose heart, he can’t win. When the Lord returns he will set everything right. People in this world will seem to get away with murder, they won’t. Religious leaders will seem to live high on the backs of others… they won’t be allowed to continue, they will fall. Stay the course. There will be rejoicing in heaven because of the victory of Jesus and those who remain faithful in the church. There’s a party coming, the marriage supper of the lamb, and you have an invitation, have you R.S.V.P.ed? Jesus is returning on a white house, not as a baby in a manger meek and mild, but as a conquering king returning to his land. Every one of us has the opportunity to choose to be on the wining side. We all can accept Jesus’ free gift of salvation, and we each choose how we will live today, tomorrow, next week, month, and year… follow Jesus. 

Day 31: Pray and prepare for 2018!!!

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