Day 29: 1John 2 – Revelation 4

We don’t have to defend ourselves, we have an advocate in heaven, Jesus. All we have to worry about is how to love the world around us, really love them, not simply make them feel good, like us, or leave us alone. We are to love the world, the people, but not the world’s culture or the things it purports to offer us. The things of the world are against Jesus. Be a child of God, not a child of the wickedness of the world. If we are, we’ll love one another, that’s the genuine mark of the believer. Don’t just believe whatever message sounds good, test what is said by God’s word. If it’s true, it will line up with what God has already said, and it will be loving. The Bible helps us to see the truth, because it is the truth, we have something to compare it to. Don’t imitate the evil of the world, but imitate the light of God’s word. Make sure we follow the actual word of God, not fake teachers or false prophets. Remain true to the Bible. Remain true to God, the living God, Jesus Christ. The one who has the sharp two-edged sword. Don’t abandon your first love, Jesus. Don’t fear what you have to endure, you’ll come out stronger on the other side. Don’t tolerate false teachers in the church. Don’t tolerate divisive wicked people who don’t advance the mission of the church who try to take charge, they are Jezebel. Wake up, and lead from your strengths. Remain patient, wait on the Lord, he’s worth it, because he is the Lord! He is “Holy holy holy!” and worthy of our praise. He’s the only one who matters.

Day 30: Revelation 5 – 22
Day 31: Pray and prepare for 2018!!!

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