Day 28: James 3 – 1John 1

Not only do you need to live up to what you say, you also need to be careful what you say. Nothing is harder to correct than something we’ve said that we wish we could get back. When we speak God’s words, we’re safe… when we say whatever pops into our heads, we’re on shaky ground. Our lives should be marked by heaven, not our own selfish desires. We are not ultimately in control of our lives. We can’t say for sure what tomorrow will be like. We make plans, we are good stewards of the time we are given, but we recognize that it is a gift. We can’t trust in our own riches or self-sufficiency, everything could change in an instant. Death, sickness, war, poverty… these can happen at any time. Healing, peace, riches… at any moment we could receive these blessings. Our job is to work for God’s kingdom and leave the results up to him. We patiently wait through suffering because we know our faith will be stronger on the other side. We pray, God answers. He doesn’t just give us what we want, but we have faith he always gives us what’s best. Jesus gives us hope. He has brought us salvation. Because of all he’s done for us, shouldn’t we live for him? Do our lives reflect his character or our own selfishness? Are we holy? We are meant to be. He is building something special, the church, his kingdom, and he is using us to do it. We are not meant to be individual super-humans who are above everyone else, we’re meant to be humble saved people who display God’s goodness in the world. We don’t stand up for our own individual rights, but we fight for the advancement of God’s agenda. At work, in our community, even in our own homes, it’s not about us, it’s about Jesus. We’re willing to suffer anything as long as it makes God look good. We are interested with the Lord’s message of grace, and it’s for all people. We endure suffering so that all might see the gospel is real. This truth is so important, and we need constant reminding. We must keep on preaching to fellow believers and to the world. If we are genuine believers, we’ll remain faithful. There will always be those who claim to know Jesus, but their lives just don’t ring true, don’t follow them. Jesus will return one day. Judgment day will happen. Don’t find yourself on that day having followed a fake Jesus you’ve invented in your own mind, follow the God of the Bible through the only Jesus Christ. He is the word of life. Follow him by walking in the light, not hiding in the darkness. Are you following him? It’s your choice today.

Day 29: 1John 2 – Revelation 4
Day 30: Revelation 5 – 22
Day 31: Pray and prepare for 2018!!!

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