Day 26: 2Timothy 1 – Hebrews 6

God has interested gifts to you. He has deposited potential within you for his kingdom. You’re meant to use it. We are not in a physical battle, but a spiritual one. We are called on to fight the good fight as solders for Christ. We really are in the Lord’s army. We need to work hard for the kingdom, not so that we can earn our place, but that we can show God to be good. So many people turn away from God, there are very few who are in the middle anymore. But we have God’s word. Always pointing us to the truth. Like a compass, aiming at our goal, Jesus Christ. It’s a message the world needs to hear. We must tell people about Jesus. It also matters how you live. God has designed the church to function with a common vision, in unity. To accomplish this, we set aside called men to lead. These men need to be above reproach, a tangible example to look to for the people of God to become more like Christ. We must stay true to God’s word. We need pastors who preach sound doctrine. We all need to be ready for every moment to serve God’s kingdom. When we have the opportunity to help a brother or sister in Christ, we need to take it. Not by way of forcing someone to act this way or that, but by convincing them of the truth of right action. We, as Christians, don’t live as we can, but as we should. Jesus is better than anything else. We follow him, not simply because of lack of options, but because he is the highest imaginable good. May we not take our salvation for granted and thus squander our opportunity to do what we were made to do. Everything in our lives should be about Jesus, he is our everything, the greatest there ever has been. We can rest in him, he is our link between us and God and he cleanses us from any wrongdoing. Don’t think that we are automatically fine just because at one time we were religious. Salvation is real and it doesn’t fade away. Real Christians remain true, let your faith be genuine. Follow Jesus, for real. It’s not a game, it’s life… eternal life!

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