Day 25: 1Thessalonians 1 – 1Timothy 6

It is always encouraging to hear of Christians who are living out their faith. May we all strive to be an example for others. We don’t seek our own glory, but that the mission and ministry of God be more effective because of our service. We love the church, and we care for them. Our work is a joy, not a burden, to see people come to know God through Jesus Christ as Lord. That’s a life which is pleasing to God and a person who can look forward to the return of the Lord. We don’t know when that will be, but we know that he will bring the dead in Christ with him and we’ll all be together. All the world will see the truth when Jesus returns, we need not worry about being vindicated here on earth, it will be obvious. Even though governments fall and the whole world may appear to be going wrong, it’s all in God’s plan, we need not worry, we should stand firm, never wavering and never giving up, constant in prayer. Don’t fall for the latest fad or tickling of ears that false teachers love to proclaim. Jesus Christ came to save sinners. We should pray for all people and remain steadfast, looking to our leaders as examples. Leaders of the church need to live a life above reproach. We must hold the line and only allow qualified and sold-out people to hold positions of authority in the church. Some will fall away, but we must remain faithful, as good servants of Christ. Day-to-day, how we live matters, with honor and integrity honoring those who preach the word. False teachers and fake theology will always be present, we must pursue righteousness. It’s hard, but it’s worth it!

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