Day 18: Acts 22 – Romans 1

Paul was always ready to make a defense of who he was in Christ. His most powerful message is also our most powerful message, how we came to know Jesus Christ as Savior, our testimony. This divided people. Paul would have even lost his life if god had not been for the provision of the Roman government. He was mistreated and bounced around from council to council before various rulers, never taking the opportunity to feel sorry for himself, and always taking the opportunity to tell the story of Jesus. His goal was always to go to Rome and beyond, and God got him there. It wasn’t through his own planning, but by God’s will. If God calls you to something, he will get you there. Even though storms and shipwrecks may happen along the way, if you will remain faithful to speak the gospel to all you encounter, the Lord will bless your efforts. In Rome Paul was able to preach God’s truth. The truth that God has a message for the heart of man. It’s not a message of compromise and easy-believeism but a real message of hope. Should we genuinely make God our God, and not our own selfish desires, he will lift us up and hold us close. Trust in the Lord, the only Lord, Jesus, and he will save you!

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