Day 7: Mark 14 – Luke 2

Our plans to counteract what God is doing never workout how we designed. The one God honors is the one who gives our all to bring glory to Jesus. When we give him our best, we will never come up short. No one is able to be perfect, and we can’t force others to do what they should. Just look at Judas. He walked with Jesus, and yet he still walked away. The young man flees, and even Peter denied Him. Jesus wants us to remember Him. His body, His life, as a sacrifice and fulfillment of the institution of the New Covenant. Jesus is a fantastic example of how we are to communicate with the Father. He pours himself out in the garden, and his disciples couldn’t even stay awake, can’t we see ourselves in that situation? Pilate can’t find any wrong in Him, but he’s not willing to stand for what is right. Doing nothing is doing something. Jesus endured ridicule, torture, and death… and He did it for you and me. He also rose three days later so we might know his sacrifice was genuine and accepted by God. We can be saved if we will only trust in Jesus, and He has a job for us to do. We are to go into all the world and preach the gospel. As many good things as we should do, they all take a back seat to this task. Preaching the gospel is our commission. It all begins with Christmas, the birth of Jesus. This was not a random event, but foretold and prepared from eternity past. God is in the miracle business. He brings life out of impossible situations, and He still does that for each of us today. May we have the faith of Mary. May we have the boldness of the shepherds who told the message. May we have the focus of Jesus to be about our Father’s business and not our own.

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