Day 5: Mark 1 – 7

Jesus always sends people. Even before he came he sent John the Baptist. Jesus was baptized, not so that something would happen to him, but that we might see who he is. The Holy Spirit descended upon him to show that Jesus was living as a man empowered by the Holy Spirit and not simply as a God on the earth. What Jesus does in his life is what the man 100% led by the Spirit can do. Even this Spirit-filled “super man” calls for others to join him, Jesus called the 12. They are us, trying to follow the Lord, and generally failing miserably while at the same time accomplishing amazing things. Individually the disciples fall short, but together, they brought the gospel to the whole world. Jesus heals and cleanses all who come across his path, but he is telling them who he is, he is continuing the task begun by John the Baptist of preaching the gospel, Jesus is the gospel. We all sin, and that holds us back from being like Jesus, but all of these sins can be forgiven if we only ask. The only sin that can’t be forgiven is the one we don’t ask to be forgiven from. In other words, the only sin that will keep you out of heaven is the sin of not trusting in Jesus. The light of the gospel is meant to be shown forth for all to see. You don’t have to be a “super man” in order to become a Christian. It doesn’t take an enormous effort to follow Jesus, just the smallest simplest faith, the faith of a mustard seed, as long as it is genuine. Calming the storm, healing the lame, and even raising the dead, Jesus more than proved he is the way to life. But this way to life, sometimes means passing through death, like it did for John the Baptist. Jesus is our provider able to feed thousands of people at one time, and he is our supernatural miracle worker who can walk on water, but most importantly, he is our Lord who loves us beyond what we can do for him via our traditions and commandments, he seeks a relationship with us to save us from ourselves. Trust in Jesus.

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Day 30: Revelation 5 – 22
Day 31: Pray and prepare for 2018!!!

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