Leviticus 22-23

Speak to Aaron and his sons and all the people of Israel and say to them, When any one of the house of Israel or of the sojourners in Israel presents a burnt offering as his offering, for any of their vows or freewill offerings that they offer to the Lord, if it is to be accepted for you it shall be a male without blemish, of the bulls or the sheep or the goats. You shall not offer anything that has a blemish, for it will not be acceptable for you. And when anyone offers a sacrifice of peace offerings to the Lord to fulfill a vow or as a freewill offering from the herd or from the flock, to be accepted it must be perfect; there shall be no blemish in it.

We are all flawed. Every one of us has sinned, that’s why we must have a perfect sacrifice on our behalf. The blemishes on the animals are symbolic of sin. It is a way to remind us we can only submit a perfect life to God, and yet, none of us can actually do that, because we sin. How, then, can we get right with God? Jesus. He lived a perfect life without any Sin. So, he was the only one who could actually present his life as a sacrifice on behalf of another. If we were to die, we deserve it because of our sin, when Jesus died, he was able to make it a gift. Praise his name for his amazing gift of grace!

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