Genesis 6-8

But I will establish my covenant with you, and you shall come into the ark, you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.

God is always gathering for himself a people, so he is constantly saving us from ourselves. God had a desire to make for himself a group to worship him, not like the angels do by their very nature, but through a covenant. He was always connecting with humanity and mankind was always breaking our relationship. Noah represents a major point in this salvation story of God’s expanding and deepening covenant to save his people. He affirms and establishes his covenant with Noah and Noah believes. This is not a fairy tail, it’s true.

It’s amazing to me that the latest genomic evidence is that our mitochondrial mother “Eve” appears to go back further in the genealogical record than does chromosomic “Adam.” Most people look at this evidence and say “see, the Bible is a myth and you can’t take the story of Adam and Eve seriously, our common female ancestor lived thousands of years before our earliest common male ancestor” This is a criticism from people who don’t know the Bible very well and would be exactly what one would expect if the Bible were, in fact, absolutely true! Noah and his biological sons all went onto the ark. Noah is our earliest male ancestor according to the Bible, not Adam. However, Noah’s wife, and his three daughters-in-law all had different parents. Thus, our common female ancestor would predate Noah by something like thousands of years, depending on how diverse these girls were.

I’m constantly amazed by how confident people are when they come out with new evidence to “refute” the Bible, and it always turns out to affirm what the Bible has said for thousands of years. God’s word is true, and you know what, it’s not just so we get our history correct. He is still in the covenant business.

The New Covenant (as Paul calls it) came through Jesus’ blood. Though God spoke to our spiritual ancestors in various ways, he has spoken finally and for all in his son Jesus Christ. Do you know him? You too can be saved while all others are taken away to judgment. Trust Jesus today.

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