Genesis 1-2

This year we begin a new Bible reading plan where we will read the entire Old Testament in rough chronological order.

To get a copy of the plan, click here.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

There’s no question who is the one at the center of the beginning of the Bible, it’s God. In the story of God’s creation, there are two main points to keep in mind. Don’t get caught up on chronology and timing, that’s not the point of this passage, nor does the Bible ever explicitly speak in terms of “when” this took place… the two points here in Genesis are (1) God did it and (2) man is a special creation, the crowning achievement of God’s creative activity. The universe (everything: space, matter, energy, and even time) did not simply come into being, God was already there (He always has been) and He created everything there is. People did not come into being through some undirected naturalistic process, no, God created us on purpose with a purpose. Look at the amazing poetry of creation as seen in the “6 Days” of Creation.

Day 1: Day & Night

Day 2: Waters & Sky

Day 3: Earth & Plants

Then the next three days correlate to the first three in that they “fill” what was created on days 1-3 with life and purpose.

Day 4: Sun & Moon

Day 5: Fish & Birds

Day 6: Animals & Humans

Isn’t God amazing! He deserves your worship and wants you to be part of His people. He’s been gathering us since the beginning, and He’ll do it until the end. Join us in worshiping Him this Sunday.

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