How Much Forgiveness Can We Have (Eph 1)

7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace

It would be amazing if God were to look through the portal of time and see all those who would ever be His people and then give us enough forgiveness to cover all of our sins. But that’s not what the Bible says God did. No. We have been bought back (redeemed) from our sin, we are forgiven, not according to the amount of our sins, but according to the riches of his grace. God’s riches are far greater than all the sin there has ever been. I’m reminded of the time when I worked in a sno cone stand. It was in the 1990’s in the North Dallas area and a convertible Mercedes pulled up. Two guys hopped out, and I immediately recognized one of them as Michael Irvin. That’s a pretty big deal for a kid who grew-up watching America’s Team. He asked me “what’s good?” I said “I like Tiger’s Blood” so he responded “that sounds good, give me two mediums.” I made them quickly (and with super high quality as always, shaved-ice is an art, and I was a master) and I handed them over. He tried one and nodded his head “that is good!” then he nodded at his “guy” and said “take care of him” and the other guy handed me $20 and said “here you go, keep the change.” The bill was $5. I wasn’t paid according to the cost of the sno cone, I was paid according to the riches of the superstar who wanted a cold treat on a beautiful North Texas summer day. When Jesus paid for our sins with his blood, it was if he was saying a great cosmic “keep the change.” There was far more value paid by God than was needed to wipe-out every sin ever committed… but that’s who God is. How much forgiveness can you have? All of it. All of your sin. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever… paid in full, and then some. There is always more grace, receive it with gratefulness.

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