Not Alone (Rom 16)

Timothy, my fellow worker, greets you; so do Lucius and Jason and Sosipater, my kinsmen.

Notice how the Apostle Paul doesn’t leave out those who are with him. It is a group effort. He is seeking to sing their praises along with his encouragement of the church in Rome. He also had all different kinds of people with him, some were there as ‘co-workers’ and others were there helping him as family. Involve others when you do ministry, bring family, invite friends, serving the Lord is meant to be a community effort. Not like “group projects” in school where one person does all the work, but a genuine effort of everyone doing their part, and all working towards a common goal… more/better disciples.

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I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
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