Feeling Guilty (2Cor 7)

For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death.

Do you feel guilty? Sometimes people get the wrong impression that the point of becoming a Christian, the real reason for accepting God’s grace, is that you can stop feeling guilty. There’s a problem with that view, sometimes we feel guilty because we are guilty. See, the Holy Spirit is here, in part, to convict every single person of their sin and to show them the truth. When we are caught up in doing something we shouldn’t do, or not doing something we should, we feel guilt, this is “godly sorrow.” If you are a believer, this is meant to lead you to turn from your sin and do what is right. Now, once you have confessed your sin, know that He has forgiven that indiscretion and cleansed you from even the hint of ungodliness, but you must repent. You must turn. You must be willing to change. The Christian has the wonderful gift of only having to feel guilt as long as we choose. As soon as you give your sin up to God, you are no longer guilty…

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