Planning A Worship Service (1Cor 14)

Let all things be done for building up… But all things should be done decently and in order.

Everything in a church worship service, the music, the message, the scripture reading, even the announcements, need to be done to build people up. If it’s not helpful, save it for the blog. The lighting, the stage decorations, and yes, the clothing the people on the stage wear need to all be considered when planning a worship service. Things need to be done well, as best you can, and should not be thrown together. That’s why last minute “hey, do you mind if I add…” is a bit disheartening. Sure, things do come up, but the Pastor and Minister of Worship do pray, plan, and seek the Lord’s will for the service (or they had better). The Holy Spirit moves through planning and preparation, we don’t need to be “spontaneous” to allow God to move, far from it. We follow the principle lined out in James to say “if the Lord wills…” and then plan and implement that plan to your best ability, that honors God. EVERYTHING should build up, EVERYTHING should be done well and be orderly. The Christian shouldn’t be haphazard. Take your life by the horns and make it happen!

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