Young People (Luke 3)

In today’s verses from Luke 3, we learn that Jesus was “about 30 years of age” when he began his ministry. This is significant because this is the age (roughly) at which a young man would transition to being able to be a teacher and leader within the Jewish faith (a Rabbi). Jesus became an itinerant teacher and gathered for himself 12 young men to follow him. He was probably about 34 years old (in my opinion) when he broke onto the scene and began leading and discipling as he preached the Good News that he had come. The Bible does not require you to be “old enough” to lead others. You may only be in your 30s and you can change the world, if God is in your efforts. Are you in High School or Middle School and think you can’t make a difference? All the disciples except Peter were probably your age. You can make a difference. All God needs is a willing heart to change everything… will you follow him?

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