The Tax Collector

As we move into our third day of reading the Bible together*, Matthew (also known as Levi) a tax collector, brings out most of what we know about Joseph. He was a “just man” and he was “unwilling” to bring any harm to Mary. This tells me Joseph was a good man and he loved his fiancé. God trusted him to be the father of His son.

This is a great example for us, just because you “can” do something, doesn’t make it the right choice. Joseph could have shamed Mary, but he didn’t. He chose the better way, and God honored that.

In your relationships, do you think about your minimum obligation to the other person? Only what they “deserve,” do you say to yourself “why should I…?” Don’t go down that road, be like Joseph, choose a better way. Be “just” don’t just give them what you think they deserve, give grace, have mercy…


*Reading the NT in 2016 plan can be found here

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