Reading The Bible Together

Every year, most Christians have the thought to read through the Bible in the coming year.

This year, join me as I read through the New Testament chronologically. What I mean by that is, I have arranged weekday readings so that the events of Jesus’ life are grouped together roughly following the Gospel of Luke’s order. Then other New Testament books are included as they were likely written in the narrative of the Book of Acts.

This is a great opportunity to read through the whole New Testament in 2016, we get an extra day to do it this year (it’s leap year) so let’s do this! Start on Friday with John 1:1-14.

Stop by Pleasant Heights to pick-up a try-fold brochure from the Info. Center, or see this excel spreadsheet

Tune in weekdays to this blog for quick devotional thoughts on each passage, and come to church Sunday Nights at 5:30pm while we walk through 27-in-52 (The 27 Books of the New Testament in 52 Weeks)

There’s nothing stopping 2016 from being the best year yet!

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