Hallowed Be Your Name

“Hallowed be Your name.”

Matthew 6:9b

Our calling as Christians is to bring glory to the name of God. God’s namerepresents His character. Taking the name of God in vain misrepresents God’s character to others (Exod. 20:7). As Christians, we carry thename of our Savior. The way we live and relate to others is a directreflection on the name of Christ. Doing something “in Jesus’ name” is to do something that is in accordance with His character (John 15:16). It means that Jesus would be pleased to join us in what we are doing.

If, however, our actions detract from God’s reputation, He willjealously guard His name. Sometimes we are too concerned withprotecting the reputation of people but too little concerned withprotecting the holy name of God. When the Israelites profaned God’sname before the nations by the way they lived, God “hallowed” Hisname: He made His name holy by punishing them (Ezek. 36:22). WhenDavid sinned before his nation, God publicly disciplined him in orderto protect the holiness of His name. We can so tarnish the name fatherbefore our children that it hinders them from loving God as theirheavenly Father. We can be such unforgiving Christians that oursinfulness discourages people from seeking forgiveness from our God.We can show such disrespect for God as we worship Him that thoseobserving lose their reverence of Him as well. Our supreme desireshould be to glorify the name of God by the way we live. We ought topray daily, as Jesus taught us to, that God’s name be treated as holy.

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