And the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not fear them, for I have delivered them into your hand; not a man of them shall stand before you.”

Joshua 10:8

No greater confidence will ever come to you or to any other Christian than the confidence of knowing you are doing God’s will. He will not commission you to do anythingwithout ensuring your success. God assured Joshua that there was noreason to fear as he prepared to battle the Canaanites. God wouldallow the Israelites to fight the battle, but the outcome was settledbefore they ever picked up their weapons. What confidence this gave them as they fought! 

Even though their enemies fought relentlessly,Joshua’s army was certain of eventual victory. God does not promise you victory in every task you devise, but He does promise that you will be successful whenever you follow His will (Deut. 28:7, 25). Doesit appear that people are keeping you from obeying God’s will? Restassured that God will not allow anyone or anything to prevent Hischildren from accomplishing His purposes. Be careful to evaluatesuccess in the way that God does. Perhaps He is working to produce Hispeace in your heart as you face troubling times. Perhaps He is workingto develop a forgiving spirit in you when others mistreat you. PerhapsHe is working to eliminate a particular sin in your life. If youaccept the world’s understanding of victory, you may feel defeated. Ifyou look to see what God is accomplishing through your situation, youwill find that He is succeeding. When you face opposition but know youare doing what God has asked, have confidence that He will accomplisheverything that He desires.

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