Stop Lying

Therefore, putting away lying, “Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor,” for we are members of one another.

Ephesians 4:25

Because you are a Christian, your life ought to be permeated with truth. When you were born again, God put the Spirit oftruth in you (John 16:13). The Spirit’s role is to guide you into alltruth. The Spirit wants to fill your mind with whatever is true (Phil.4:8). If you allow the Spirit to fill you with God’s truth, you willbe truthful in your actions and in your relationships. According toJesus, this means that your yes will always mean yes, and your no willalways mean no (Matt. 5:33–37). The world considers truth optional.Deception permeates every corner of society because the prince of this world is the author and father of lies (John 8:44). 

From his firstcontact with people, Satan has been lying to them and persuading themto live in falsehood rather than in truth. The world will tempt you tocompromise the truth. You may be fooled into thinking that you canaccomplish greater good by withholding the truth. That is a demonicdeception. You cannot use deception to build the kingdom of God! Godrefuses to use sinful means to accomplish His holy purposes. You maybe tempted to live a lie by projecting a false image of yourself.Jesus condemned this as hypocrisy (Luke 12:56). When you sin, you willbe tempted to conceal the truth; yet only as you confess the truthwill you be forgiven and set free (James 5:16). What you say reflectswhat is in your heart (Matt. 12:34). If your heart is filled withdeception, your mouth will speak falsehood. Ask God to permeate youwith His truth so that you find falsehood, in any form, abhorrent.

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