Knowing God

And God spoke to Moses and said to him, “I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty, but byMy name Lord I was not known to them.”

Exodus 6:2–3

As God has walked with His people through the generations, He has progressively revealedHis nature according to His purposes and the needs of His people.Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew Him as God Almighty, because theyneeded His mighty power to protect them from their enemies. Moses andthe Israelites learned that God was Lord, Master over every nation andevery thing. God not only delivered them from the most powerful rulerin the world, but also brought them into the Promised Land. They cameto experience Him as Lord, preeminently powerful over the pagan godsof their day. 

God will continue to reveal His character to youaccording to your needs and according to His purposes. You will cometo know more and more about Him as you obey Him. When you grieve, Hewill come to you as Comforter. When you are in need, He willdemonstrate that He is the Provider. When you face a seriouschallenge, He will reveal that He is God Almighty. Your understandingof God’s character ought to be greater now than when you first becamea Christian. You ought to know Him today better than you did fiveyears ago. Sadly, some Christians continue to live year after yearwith the same basic knowledge of God that they had when they firstbegan walking with Him. Whatever your present situation, view it inthe light of what God is teaching you, through circumstances, aboutHimself and you will come to know God in dimensions you have neverknown Him before.

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I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
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