Your Heart’s Desires

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

Your relationship with God ought to bring you more joy, satisfaction, and pleasure than any other relationship, activity, or material possession you have.Scripture exhorts you to delight yourself in the Lord, finding yourgreatest pleasure in God and the things dear to His heart. How can youfind pleasure in what God enjoys? Only as you spend time with Him willyou begin to take delight in the things God loves. As you spendintimate time with God and allow Him to show you your situation fromHis perspective, you will begin to see things as God sees them. As youadjust yourself to God, your heart will begin to desire the samethings God’s heart desires. 

When you pray, you will find yourselfasking for the very things God desires. Matters foremost on God’sheart will be preeminent in yours. Your first request in prayer willnot be for yourself, but for God’s name to be exalted and His kingdomto be extended (Matt. 6:9–10). Have you been asking God to give youthe desires of your heart without first seeking to understand what ison His heart? God places this important requirement for those whopray: that we seek His priorities and make them our own. This greatqualifier prevents us from asking out of selfishness. As we find joyin the Lord, we will see what is truly important, and we will long forthese things as the Father does.

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