The Road To God Is A Highway!

A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.

Isaiah 35:8a

The nation ofIsrael was designed to have a place where other nations of the world could come to worship the true God. The temple in Jerusalem was to bethe center from which the good news of God’s salvation would spread toevery corner of the world. But those who were supposed to be God’speople forsook Him and practiced every kind of sin. Rather than being ambassadors for God, they disgraced His holy name. 

Rather thanattracting the nations of the earth to God, they became stumblingblocks to those who were seeking the true God. The Israelites fell sofar from God’s original intent that God judged them and sent them intoexile. Yet God promised that one day His people would be an avenue bywhich others could find salvation. Anywhere there is a Christian, Godhas a way for people to learn of His salvation (Rom. 10:14–15).Whenever an unbeliever meets a Christian, the unbeliever ought to beface to face with everything he needs to know in order to followChrist. Sadly, however, Christians can be like the Israelites ofIsaiah’s day. We can be so involved in our sin that we are completelydisoriented to God, ill-equipped to direct others to Him. If our livesare filled with hypocrisy, we may turn people away from God, ratherthan helping them come to Him. If our lives are filled with doubt oranger, we will impede others from coming to Christ. Our lives ought tobe a highway of holiness, providing easy access to God for anyonearound us who seeks Him. Ask God to remove any obstacle in your lifethat hinders others from coming to know Jesus.

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