See The People

And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. Then He opened His mouth and taught them.

Matthew 5:1–2

Christ sees people far differently than we do. Throughout the Gospels we see a pattern in theway Jesus taught His disciples. Whenever He saw the multitudes, Jesuswould reveal to the disciples what was on His heart for the people.Jesus wanted His disciples to share His love for the people. Thedisciples did not always understand all He was telling them, but Heassured them that later the Holy Spirit would reveal the significanceof His words (John 14:25–26). 

When the multitudes began pressing in onHim, Jesus would get alone with His disciples and teach them aboutGod’s love for people. You will experience this same pattern as youwalk with Jesus. When God places you in a crowd, you may sense theHoly Spirit impressing upon you the heart and mind of God for thosepeople. Perhaps your Lord will lead you to a solitary place where Heshares with you His compassion for the people you have been with. Hemay reveal to you His will for the people and invite you to join Himin His redemptive activity. He may place a burden on your heart topray for them. If you are among people and are unmoved by theirspiritual condition, God may develop your love for them so that youare prepared to minister to them as He desires. The next time you arein a crowd, listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. You may discoverthat God has much on His heart for those people and that He is waitingfor one of His disciples to respond to His prompting.

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