For Whom Did Jesus Die?

Did “T.U.L.I.P.” exist before the 20th century? No.

Was Limited atonement taught by any first generation reformers (John Calvin et. al.)? No.

Did all Calvinists at and after Dort (like John Davenant, who was a signer at Dort) accept Limited Atonement? No.

Did Edwards and Hodge hold to Limited Atonement? No.

This video is from Liberty University October 1, 2013 by Dr. David Allen

My Calvinist friends are going to love this.

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The Bible simply says Jesus died for all people, so I go with the Bible.

You have a choice, either (a) you come to what the Bible says and you form your belief from that, thus you do not hold to Limited Atonement, or (b) you begin with the belief that Jesus only died for some people and then you change the meaning of the words of the Bible to fit your pre-existing belief. That’s your choice of how you interpret the Bible and that will reveal where you place your trust as an authority. Either God’s Word is your final authority, or tradition is. I want to try and always choose the Bible.

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