Comic Books and Great Stories

I was never really into comic books as a kid, I wish I had been. I grew up not being a very good reader, and it wasn’t until my sister (much, much older than me) became the dyslexia coordinator at her school (she’s a 3rd grade teacher) did all the pieces fall into place, “that’s me!” The best thing for me was to read read read, which I had to do as a BA student in the Humanities. Now I read a lot and enjoy it.

All that to say, I have found a Bible I really like that I wish I had growing up as a boy who loved action heroes (and still do)! It’s not a traditional “Bible Bible” but it’s a comic book type version of the stories from the Bible, and it focuses on “action” and seems tailor made for boys… or men who are still boys at heart (I think we simply call these men).

It’s called: The Action Bible you can buy it at

Anyway, if you have boys, or you are a boy at heart, I really recommend this “Bible” (definitely not as a replacement for a traditional Bible, but for some fun reading and familiarization with the stories in the Bible). It’s beautifully illustrated, and a great supplement to any Bible study.

See the pictures below…

IMG 7075


IMG 7076

IMG 7077

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