Home Security

When we moved here our home had one of those “security company” systems installed. You know the ones, you pay to have it installed, then you pay double digits per month to have them “monitor” it (that means they give the police a courtesy call “hey, John’s stuff has been taken), and you must use their service or they disable their equipment.

Well, I didn’t have it installed, I just bought the home…

Anyway, I did a bunch of research and then bought a replacement system from The Home Security Store (they had monitoring for under $9 a month and there’s no contract) using all the same wiring and sensors (I did have to replace some broken ones). I just had to replace all the keypads and the central board.

Well, it’s a very “low tech” system, so I wanted to add an easy hi-tech component… enter Canary. I ordered this a few months back, and should be getting it soon. I’m excited.

I’m looking forward to adding this to my home.

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