D-Day 70 years hence

On this day 70 years ago Ernest Melvin Morrison (“Mel” to his family, “Ernie” to his mom) jumped out of a plane and parachuted into France, it was D-Day. 


I am proud to know my family was a part of this momentous fight. 

He was my Grandmother’s brother (3 yrs. younger; b. May 11, 1924).

His service company was the 517th Parachute Infantry, part of the 101st screaming eagles, something to be proud of indeed.

Like many, he tackled the landing in Normandy through Operation Overlord, received a Purple Heart, and even fought through the infamous Battle of the Bulge. At the end of the war he became the driver for General Dick Seitz.

A few years back, his daughter was looking at some pictures on the Internet and saw two men in a Jeep and said “hey, that looks like dad.” The names were “Bill Lewis” “Joe Morrison.” She corrected the info., and found out the picture was taken in Paris where he had driven the General to get married. He was marrying his college sweetheart and Mel had assisted at his wedding.

Mel morrison

He died in February 1989 at 64 years old.

Like many young men of his day, he viewed service to the country as a duty and a privilege. I’m sure he was scared, and I can’t even imagine what it was like to be a part of such a fight, but he served all the same. He did what needed to be done, and as a result, Hitler and rest of the evil Socialist forces in Germany were stopped. Freedom was preserved, and life went on in the world.

Take time to stop and think about the uncommon bravery of those who have given their lives in the service of freedom…

Thank you great-uncle Mel, we need more men and women like you, and thank you to the brave men and women who still push back the frontiers of oppression and tyranny in an unrelenting pursuit for the protection of freedom in the name of truth justice and the American way. I still believe we have that and it’s worth standing up for. 

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