Heaven is for Real?

In a word, “Yes” heaven is for real. This is one of the topics I’ll be covering in our series “Elephant in the Room” starting Easter Sunday 2014 at Crossroads Baptist Church.

All of us pastors hear from our people “oh, I read this book and it’s great!” I first received a question like this regarding the “Left Behind” series, which I believe is best left behind.

The next big hubbub was with “The Shack,” and my opinion about “The Shack” is to simply throw it back.

Now there are a series of “heaven” books of how it is real, how people have gone there and come back, etc. I want to lovingly direct people away from these books and movies, and towards the Bible. Based on the Scripture, I do not believe any of these popular books are true. I will talk more about Heaven in this new series coming up, but until then, see this video excerpt by David Platt, I agree with him 100% in this clip.

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  1. Let me just say, the true test of good Theology isn’t how it comforts us, but how true it is to the Bible. So many times, we gravitate towards the more comfortable, but I promise, in the long run, the biblical perspective is much better.

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