Adam or Christ, you choose.

Therefore, just as this sin entered the world through one of humanity’s own, so death entered the world through this sin. So too in this same way, death passed to all people at the time everyone sinned.

-Rom 5:12

Paul retrospectively draws the picture of Adam as a type of Christ. In the same way that sin came into the world when Adam (actually Eve, but still, Adam is a “representative head”) sinned, it is actually applied to people at the time when they prove to be one of Adam’s own by sinning. Have you sinned? Yes? Then guess what, you’re one of Adam’s.

So too, Jesus’ death on the cross provides salvation for every person, all of humanity, but it is only applied at the time when people accept the free gift of grace. We prove we are one of Christ’s own when we receive Him.

For just as through this disobedience of one of humanity’s own, those who sin were made many; even in this same way, through the obedience of The One, those who are righteous will be made many.

Rom 5:19 

Adam’s sin is not forced on us, but he paved the way for us all. Each and every person has chosen to sin and shows that we are all Adam’s own. In the same way, Jesus’ free gift of salvation is not forced on you, you must choose to accept it. But when you do, you will be made righteous, justified and saved to be a part of the new humanity.

Won’t you stop trusting in yourself, hoping you can be good enough? Make Jesus your Lord, give Him your life, have faith, really believe, and trust in Christ alone for salvation. He is the only way…

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