Paul Harvey – Easter

Sure, His view of justification is a bit off, but still a powerful video.

His heart is definitely in the right place.

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  • Here’s the deal. In Rom 6, 7, 8… Paul uses the image of us belonging to “Mr. Sin” and “Mr. Death” as an image of our slavery out of which Jesus bought us.

    In Mark 3 & Matt 12 Jesus uses the picture of someone breaking into a home and stealing things that belong to a “Strong Man.” That’s the analogy of Jesus taking us back from the Devil. That is, saying we “belonged” to Satan.

    Now, these are rhetorical, Jesus is our Propitiation (Heb 2). That is, he is the sin sacrifice that satisfies the just requirements of God. We only “belong” to the Devil in the since that God has given him limited authority within the world that God the father has all authority (which He has given to Jesus).

    So, is this story that Paul Harvey retells from a preacher “perfect theology?” No, it’s not.

    However, this kind of rhetorical analogy is not without president in both Jesus and Paul… so, lighten up, it’s an encouraging illustration that we need Jesus to ransom us!