Fred Luter and Frank Page talk about SBC

Fred Luter and Frank Page talk about the SBC today:

In this video:

  • A celebration of the SBC having an African-American President
  • A challenge for non-white churches/pastors to support the SBC with presence and CP giving
  • The happy recognition that the face of the SBC is changing, with about 10,000 non-white churches
  • The observation that the SBC is not a “closed society” we are very open and welcoming to ALL
  • They talk about the vital nature and importance of the Cooperative Program for SBC life
  • The top three priorities of the SBC are (1) International Missions, (2) Church Planting, and (3) Theological Education
  • Frank Page describes, and Fred Luter affirms, the 1% challenge. Every SBC church to increase CP giving by 1% of their total budget
  • The thing we need to be focused on is Evangelism and Baptism. Baptisms have been down, but are coming back up. The pastor of every church is the key.

I respect both these men greatly, I am very proud to be a Southern Baptist today!

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