Refuse to be swamped!

Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy upon us,
for we have had more than enough of contempt.

-Psalm 123:3


Worry about the things of this life can steal your joy and rob you of the fulfillment that comes from accomplishing God’s purpose for you! Refuse to be swamped!

What we must beware of is not damage to our belief in God but damage to our Christian disposition or state of mind. “Take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously” (Malachi 2:16). Our state of mind is powerful in its effects. It can be the enemy that penetrates right into our soul and distracts our mind from God. There are certain attitudes we should never dare to indulge. If we do, we will find they have distracted us from faith in God. Until we get back into a quiet mood before Him, our faith is of no value, and our confidence in the flesh and in human ingenuity is what rules our lives.

Beware of “the cares of this world . . .” (Mark 4:19). They are the very things that produce the wrong attitudes in our soul. It is incredible what enormous power there is in simple things to distract our attention away from God. Refuse to be swamped by “the cares of this world.”


My Utmost for His Highest, Nov. 23

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I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
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2 Responses to Refuse to be swamped!

  1. chaval 1128 says:

    val must have called you about how i was feeling and you wrote this just for me. Gods word is what we always need to hear. Charlie Wright

  2. Charlie, I’m glad God used it for you! It was sure what I needed too!

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