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Most people believe in sharing the Gospel, but most people also never do…


Did you know, according to a recent survey, 80% of those who go to church at least once a month feel a personal responsibility to share their faith! That’s good news, it means that 80% of churchgoers have it right!

The other side of the coin, though, was that around 60% of those had not don’t so in the previous 6 months.

If we have the gospel, which means good news, we are meant to share it. It’s “news” not simply information, it is supposed to be told, and it is “good,” not just good, but great!

If we really believe the gospel, shouldn’t we want to share Jesus with others? I think this survey underscores that, by and large, we do… so here’s some tips how.

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1. Every Bible lesson needs to share the gospel!

One of the easiest things we can do to get the gospel to people is to invite them to church. To a worship service, or even to a Sunday School class. Every class, every Bible lesson, should connect to the gospel because the whole point of the Bible is Jesus and what God is doing in history.

2. Share a testimony

Are you a Christian? Then you’ve got a story to tell! You can simply follow the Apostle Paul’s model (a) here is what I was like before, (b) here is how God broke through to me, and (c ) this is how I am different now! If we are not able to tell how God changed our lives, or what difference he is making in us, then perhaps, we are the ones that need to actually receive the gospel! Think about it, this might be you!

3. Pray for people by name who do not know Jesus, or pray for God to bring you people

Prayer needs to be at the core of just about everything we do. God is in the business of spreading the gospel, if you pray to him and ask for people to get saved and ask him to send you people to whom you can share the gospel, he will grant your request. It’s amazing to see this happen.

4. When someone shares the gospel, encourage them!

We need to be sharing stories of how we are sharing the gospel, and when we do, we need to be encouraging each other for our efforts. It gives us great ideas and reminds us that not only is this something we should do, but it is something we should be doing!

Bake cookies for a neighbor, mow a friend’s lawn, invite them over for coffee or diet coke… do whatever you can to start conversations. Invite them to church, offer to take them with you to Sunday School. “hey, we’re getting a new Pastor, will come come and check our church out?”

There are endless possibilities as to how you can encourage evangelism in yourself and those around you… let’s get after it!

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