Bow Ties Are Cool

I am a big fan of the (new) Doctor Who series. I think Matt Smith is good enough, but to me, David Tennant is The Doctor.

One feature, however, I appreciate about the latest incarnation of Doctor Who, is the truism “bow ties are cool.”

I have been wearing bow ties for a lot longer than The Doctor, or at least the new Doctor Who, which began in 2005 (see timeline below). I’ve actually been wearing them a little over 15 years now. They are great, they don’t get caught in stuff, don’t blow around, don’t pick-up all the dirt, muck, and germs as boring ties… and, obviously, they are cool!

Here’s bow tie pictures going back a few years (note, I have hair in some of these 🙂 )

DBU Graduation 1999

Beth’s DBU Graduation 2000

Southwestern Graduation 2004

Southwestern Graduation 2008

Last Sunday 8-19-2012

The Doctor has not always been “bow tie,” I found this cool timeline for Doctor Who:

DW Time

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