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When I was younger, I had the privilege of growing up with a great pastor, Wayne L. Allen, but I called him “Bro. Allen” I became a Christian on May 21, 1985 and was baptized by Bro. Allen the following Sunday, May 26. It was through Bro. Allen’s leadership and direction while I was at First Baptist Church Carrollton, TX that I was “Licensed to Gospel Ministry” on Aug. 4 1996. Later, during my time at Dallas Baptist University, I was able to take “Hebrews” from Professor Allen, but I had the inside track (pun intended from ch. 11) because I think Hebrews was his favorite book of the Bible and I had heard countless sermons from it in the decade before. I was also so glad that Beth got to know my boyhood pastor, and his lovely wife Theresa, by taking his class as well.

Almost 17 years ago, I had the opportunity to portray Bro. Allen in a video as well as in person at his 30th anniversary dinner “Roast and Boast” that the church put on April 27, 1995. It was a fundraiser for our mission trip to Washington DC later that year. If you ever knew him, you’ll probably find this video funny, and hopefully encouraging as well. Saying names wrong, a knack for clearing his throat just as the mic was turned on, always giggling his keys in his pocket, and a true talent for giving directions are only a few of the things that made him so endearing. His lasting legacy, however, I think was his encouragement to up-and-coming pastors (like myself) and his ability to lead the church to expand the kingdom for God’s glory. I, for one, will miss Bro. Allen, he had a great impact on both my wife and myself, for that we will be eternally grateful.

Wayne L. Allen “Roast and Boast”:

My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better.

-Phil 1:23

I have also included some videos of his “retirement tribute” and “memorial service”

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Retirement Tribute:

Memorial Service:

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