If you only have one hour

Yesterday I preached a sermon titled “why are we here?” The “what” answer is to love God and love others (from Matt 22), but the “how” answer is, I think, to reach people, teach people and love people. The place where this is best accomplished (at least by design) is in regular ongoing small group ministry, which at my church is called “Sunday School” Listen to Johnny Hunt talk about the importance of Sunday School:

How important is a “small group” to you? If you only come to church for one hour, do you come to worship or do you connect with people in Sunday School? You should, I think, do both, but if you can only do one, pick Sunday School.

If you wonder what Adult Sunday School is, or should, be all about, I would highly recommend two books to you:

These, and other resources by Allan Taylor, are available at EmberToBlaze.org

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