OK! Okay?

Language is something we all use every day. Go to school long enough, and you’ll have to learn more languages.

If you’re like me, you won’t want to do it, but you’ll find it an amazing journey in the process.

I’m currently learning German as an independent study. Wow! Never let someone tell you Greek is hard. I am extra thankful for those brave men and women who stopped Hitler in his tracks.
You really can learn so much about things just by learning to have a better grasp of language. Nothing has contributed to my understanding of the New Testament (or the Old Testament, for that matter) than studying Greek, as well as studying Hebrew, French, and now German.
Honestly, it’s amazing how little Grammar most of us know, or at least consciously. We learn Grammar more intuitively than by actually learning the “rules.” and that’s the kicker, in English, there really are no rules. It is an evolving language. Every English Grammar can only tell you how it is we use words, they are not (or should not) prescriptive rules, just current accepted usage.
Which brings me to Grammarist. A truly amazing blog! I could read this for a long time.

The origins of OK (the original spelling) are mysterious, but everyone agrees that the word comes from the U.S., and that it is probably the most successful Americanism in the world. It’s used in practically every country—even in those with little access to international media—and it means the same everywhere.

Is that not amazing?
I mean, where does “OK” come from? What could it have meant originally? And “OK” is the original spelling. It means the same thing everywhere… everywhere!
Maybe it’s just me, but this is fascinating. How we communicate with other human beings is an amazing thing.
As a Christian, the Gospel is the most important thing I could ever communicate. That’s why I study language, that’s why I do everything.
What about you? Are you OK with that? 😉

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  1. Wes Kenney says:

    Seriously? Have you never heard of Old Kinderhook? 🙂

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