Evangelism: How To Share Your Faith

Does the thought of “sharing your faith” cause you to break-out in a cold sweat? That’s true for most people. I even still get “holy butterflies” in my stomach right before I share with someone, but I know we’re called to do it, so I do.


You don’t have to be “pushy,” in fact, you should not be, but we do need to share the Gospel with “every creature under heaven” (Mark 16), just as the Great Commission commands us to do… but how do we do it? This video features Dr. Jack E. Harris and was developed and produced through the Southern Baptists of Texas convention, where he serves as the Sr. Associate for Personal Evangelism.

This video trains you to share the Gospel using one verse (Romans 6:23). It is an effective tool, especially if someone you know has a Bible, you can use their Bible to show them the gospel. I’ve taught this same training many times and I’ve found it to be one of the easiest ways to communicate the Gospel in a short period of time. Oh, by the way, this is my dad 🙂

Here is a card that you can use as a quick reference:


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