Baptism – Following Through With Your Faith

Baptism is the way Christians publicly announce their faith

So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven

-Matthew 10.32

4 5 cent baptism

The above picture is a baptismal pool from c. 4th century. Baptism is an adaption of the ancient Jewish practice of prostyle baptism. However, because Christian community is not a “nationality” so as to inherit by birth (cf. 1Pet 2:9), baptism is now practiced by all who repent and believe (cf. Acts 2:38).

Who is baptized?

  • Someone who has become a believer by trusting Jesus as Savior
  • Someone who understands that baptism is a picture of what Christ has done in their life
  • Someone who is not ashamed to publicly follow Jesus’ example

Why should I be baptized?

  • Jesus tells us:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them…

-Matthew 28.19

  • Baptism is your first steptowards following the Lord.
  • Jesus did it (Mark 1.9) and His followers do too (Acts 2.41; 8.38).
  • Baptism is a picture of dying to your old way of life and being born-again, raised to a new life:

We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.

-Romans 6.4

  • Baptism shows others that you have received Christ:

So those who received his word were baptized…

-Acts 2.41

How is baptism done?

  • Going down into water: Acts 8.38; John 3.23
  • Being “buried” in the water and then raised from it: Romans 6.4; Colossians 2.12
  • Coming out of the water: Mark 1.10; Acts 8.39
  • The Greek verb for baptism βαπτίζω (baptizō) means to “immerse.”
  • Though not essential for salvation, baptism is by immersion when done correctly.

Where is baptism done?

  • Fellow Christians should publicly baptize believers in front of other Christians.
  • Baptism can happen at any public place when believers come together.
  • So, a worship service is the perfect place to be baptized.

When is baptism done?

  • As is the case in the New Testament, people should follow-through with baptism as soon as they have trusted Jesus as their savior: Acts 2.41; 8.36; 16.14-15, 33
  • Because it’s done after someone becomes a believer, we call it “Believer’s baptism.”

What’s stopping you?

  • Philip shared Christ with a man from Ethiopia in Acts 8.36.
  • After the man accepted the Lord he wanted to stop and be baptized right away.
  • If you’ve accepted Jesus then you should ask yourself the same question the Ethiopian asked “What prevents me from being baptized?”

When I’m baptized at your church, does that make me a member of your church?

  • Baptism is a prerequisite to membership of our church, but you do not need to join the church to be baptized.

Do I need to be baptized again?

  • Believers are only baptized once.
  • As long as you’ve been biblically baptized (that is,
  • after you have trusted in Jesus alone
  • by immersion
  • in front of fellow Believers
  • by fellow Believers
  • you understood what it meant) you would not need to be baptized again.

Are you ready?

  • If you want, I’d love to baptize you to publicly proclaim that Jesus is your Lord and that you are not ashamed of the gospel!!
  • For more info. on baptism simply email:
  • May God bless you as you follow our Lord!

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