The Whole Bible (in 3 min.)

This (below) is a video produced by the people of The Gospel Project that presents the overarching story of the Bible in 3 min., it’s pretty impressive.


This is one of the curricula that a few of our Adult Sunday School classes will be using starting in September. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you attend one of our classes (if you live in the St. Louis Metro area). I would love to connect you with a great one.

When you see that the whole Bible does present a unified story, it helps you to put any one part of it in the “big picture” and will help you keep away from getting off track. See, the Bible is not a book, it’s a library. There are all different kinds of books in our library, but they all play their part in the story, the greatest nonfiction story ever told.

We can run into trouble when we take two different kinds of books from our library and compare bits and pieces to try to force them together like two opposite corners of a jigsaw puzzle, it won’t work unless you have all the pieces between in place first.

To this end, I’ve been a fan for years of of “The Bible in 90 Days” (and associated program). It is just what it says, you read the entire Bible in 90 days and talk about it, you get an AMAZING picture and depth of understanding. Actually, I still recommend it. If you are willing to give it a go, do it. If you start the first week of July you will be finished with the ENTIRE BIBLE before October.

That’s a big commitment, so maybe this video (below) will whet your appetite in that it does a similar service. It’s a summary of the whole Bible but in only 3 min!

What do you think?

Isn’t that amazing!

What stuck-out to you?

What did you notice that you hadn’t thought of before?

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3 Responses to The Whole Bible (in 3 min.)

  1. heather h says:

    I really the video i am very excited to start this class!

  2. Thanks Heather, I’m really excited too. Start inviting people to your class. It will for sure be in the 10:55a hour starting Aug. 19. Make up some kind of postcard or flyer with your contact info. on it and hopefully I’ll have a room number for you in the next week or two!!!

  3. It’s coming up soon… see you this Sunday for training. Be trying to get 3-4 people who say “I’ll come to your class…”

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