Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day we pause to commemorate the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for freedom.

God is a fan of freedom.

He has lead initiatives to set people free all throughout the Bible, culminating in Jesus setting us free. But we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted (Gal 5:13).

In the same way, let us not take our (American) freedom for granted.

Countless young men and women have given their lives, and many many more put their lives on the line, in the effort to protect and defend the freedom afforded in the US constitution.

I am particularly impressed with our special forces, they are an example of the best of bravery and self-sacrifice. But I’d like to think of the chaplains. They are designated as “noncombatants” and are the only soldiers who are prohibited by the Geneva convention from carrying a weapon (even for self-defense). Yet, even with this restriction, they go into harm’s way to support the men and women who stand guard over our freedom (and so too do they).

Thank you for serving, I for one, am thankful!

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