As the deer in OT Israel

As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.

-Ps 42:1

At times, God uses animal imagery in the Bible to help us see how we should relate to him. It’s an amazing thing to see how even the creation points to the Lord.

One such image is the Deer.

In ancient Israel, as is the case today, Deer ran free. They are not domesticated. There is no one to give them food, and no one to ensure that they make it to fresh water. The land of the Psalmest is a dry desert that is full of wadis (dry creek beds) and life (mostly) comes from the Jordan river.

I found it interesting that Deer comprised about 4% of ancient Israel’s diet from meat. Sheep/goat comprised 7%, which I would have thought that ir was more. 89% of their protein came from cattle. I had no idea.

Regardless, Deer makes for an interesting metaphor. Have you ever been thirsty, really thirsty? That’s how we should long for God, we should THIRST for his presence.

Worship is a vital part of life for the Believer. Don’t just do it, LONG for it, desire it, seek it… Worship God with all your heart, with all your might, and with all your SOUL (every bit of your being).

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