Basement Christmas 2011 to New Year 2012

Well, with Christmas Eve services, Christmas Day, and all the fun leading up to the new year 2012, I have made some progress.

My mom and dad came up here the day after Christmas until Friday Dec. 29 and dad was a BIG HELP! I couldn’t have done it without him (he brought his texture gun/hopper).

Putting in insulation in the walls

More insulation on the walls

All Sheetrock up and starting to tape the joints

Mud and Tap on the ceiling and the wall joints

All mudded and taped

Looking like a room

Texture on the walls and ceiling (very light "orange peel")

Paint, easier now than ever. Chose "Exploration" Clark + Kinsington from ACE hardware (flat).

Ceiling/Walls primed with Zinsser (had wall primer tinted)

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