Basement Dec. 22, 2011 – Day Seven

Today is sheetrock on the ceiling day, I’ve been dreading this, it will be hard… but satisfying when it’s done:

The first sheet is up!

I measured and put the nails in on the floor, then as I hold it up in place I can just hammar 'em on in

The longest I can get down to the basement is 6ft. because of the turn in our stairs.


The sheets need holes for the lights

First I measure (2 or 3 times) and trace the box with an extra I bought as a template

Then I use my small hole saw to get it started

Use the jigsaw to cut a nice hole

Put it up and it fits, every time (almost)

One row done (took longer than I thought)

My TV so I can get help from Kojak and Jim Rockford

Row two done, NO MORE LIGHT HOLES!

Main ceiling finished!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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