Basement Dec. 15, 2011 – Day Three (part 1)

Today is Reagan’s 3rd birthday! I can hardly believe it!

As a result, I planned to spend the day with her and not work in the basement.

Then I remembered that she goes to school at 9:30am so I could do a little this morning, as long as I didn’t mess-up my clothes or need to take a shower etc. 😉

So, I did a little this morning, now I’m going to post this, eat lunch and have a fun birthday day with my oldest daughter 🙂

I plan on doing some “quiet work” like some wiring and thinking tonight after the girls go to bed, but we’ll see (I’m living on ibuprofen right now).

Starting to fram the office door

making sure it's secured to the existing wall, ceiling, and over to the new wall to make sure it's all solid and square

plumb back and forth as well as side to side, and rock solid (tying into existing work while thinking around A/C ducts can be tricky)

firmed-up and squared up the "free standing" part of the wall and anchored it to the wall with treated lumber and concrete nails shot in with gun powder (still very fun)


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