Basement Dec. 14, 2011 – Day Two

Today, I was a little more sore than I expected!

It all took a little longer than I expected, especially framing the closet and thinking through how to do the wall under the A/C duct etc. It also takes longer when you realize that a wall is not plumb and so you tear it down and do it over (fun times).

Framed in the closet and added a "pull chain light"

more framing of the closet

Put in some boxes and scabbed in something for the future bookshelves to nail to in the corner

put a runner by the pipes and stuff to protect them and something for the drywall to stop at

starting to frame the "short wall" under the A/C duct

finished framing (roughly) the short wall

framed the wall beyond the office with a 36" (with drywall) opening towards the future bathroom (this got out of plumb, so I got to do it twice)



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