Basement Dec. 13, 2011 – Day One (+ “pre-game”)

So, I’m on Christmas break (woo hoo!).

As usual I didn’t use much vacation this year, so I’m off (except Sundays) for the rest of the year.

So what relaxing and rejuvenating activity can will I be doing? I’m finishing part of my basement…

Actually it will be fun. It’s a good challenge, makes me think, and best of all, I’ll get some “alone time.” I guess the real “best of all” is when I’m done, I’ll have a legitimate office at home! (though I’m not doing the flooring or finish work (like texture or painting) yet, and one wall will be built-in book shelves, that will wait until later… But, it will be a “mostly finished” room 😉

This is the “Pre-Game” getting ready (Friday Dec. 9)… (I’ll add pictures daily):

R.P. Lumber guys with "The Stuff"

"the stuff" in my garage

Step 1: clean out basement

put in boxes for lights

Existing wall with Drywall

Drywall removed


More Floorplate

Closet Floorplate

Floorplate where bookshelves will start

Floorplate to the doorway

Floorplate out the doorway (from in office)

Standing on the stairs (outside office)

From storage side looking into entry/office area

Added studs to make 16" centers with new wall

Ran a phone line and cable TV

Put in boxes and pulled wires down


More framing and another box

framing the window

framed to the corner and another box

framed the back wall and 2 boxes for TV

framing the corner where bookshelves start (end of the day)

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